Dissolving Packaging in the Future

I recently finally subscribed to Fast Company. I visited their Twitter, Facebook page and website frequently so I figured it was about time.

Image from Tide’s website

When I received the March 2012 issue, I was fascinated by an article entitled, “MonoSol Creates Innovative Dissolvable Packaging to Combat Waste.” I recommend you check out this article by clicking here.

I remember the first time I discovered what recycling was. I was in first grade and my classmates and I were treated to a “movie day,” in which our teacher showed us a variety of videos about the importance of recycling. I remember the catchy song that played along instructing us, the future generation, to “Recycle! Reduce! Reuse!” To this day, the word “recycle” causes just that part of the song to play in my head.

When reading the article in Fast Company, I found myself watching a commercial for Tide’s new Tide Pods. The second I saw that commercial, my marketer’s brain took over. I thought of a million in one ways they could further promote the new product. Most of all, I thought of myself, I recent college graduate who still has not exactly mastered the art of doing laundry.

However, with these new Tide Pods I could not only have a pre-measured amount ready for my disposal, but it’s cute, fun packaging would add a little bit of umph to such a tedious chore. I also thought of all the college students across the country who would be able to save themselves from the fate of some of my clothes and get it right the first time.

Tide Pods are brilliant for that reason but the fact that they can revamp the world of packaging is sheer genius. Although the concept of dissolvable packaging is not new, this new use could mean endless possibilities as more companies look for ways to cut down on packaging costs and when examining their carbon footprint.

These little laundry wonders have introduced the world to dissolvable packaging which could be critical to a world constantly battling pollution. If we could manage the damage we have already done and stop producing more waste through clunky packaging that takes a million years to disappear, the world would be a better and more healthy place.

As I read Fast Company‘s article, I was fascinated by MonoSol’s work. Especially when I saw this image.

Although this image is a concept, I have to admit, the idea of vegetables in dissolvable packaging does not sound too appealing and a bit space aged but who knows. Maybe they’ll develop packaging that seasons vegetables as the packaging develops in the future.

It’s an interesting concept that is gaining traction through Tide Pods but can only grow and develop. MonoSol also currently has dissolvable packaged oatmeal, hot chocolate, and laundry detergent pods.

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