Pinterest Approach to Facebook

It’s no surprise when I say Pinterest is slowly taking over the social media world. Why? It’s simple: people love pictures.

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Think about your home or office. It’s strewn with photos of your favorite vacation, family members, friends, pets, etc. It’s those images that keep those memories and moments close even though they’re in the past and those favorite people might be far away.

The old adage says, “An image is worth a thousand words.” As with the images you surround your spaces with, this rings true for social media. An image can convey any emotion a photographer might have in mind but through a viewer’s perception, it can mean so much more.

In the past few years, more social platforms have been changing their formats and content to make photos more prominent. Why? Because as I said before, people love photos. Pinterest is the best example of this.

The fast-growing digital high school locker, as I like to call it (and I love it), is nothing but photos. Granted, the photos have captions and comments and ultimately link to something else but at first glance, it’s all photos.

As a woman, I couldn’t love Pinterest more. With photos of my favorite fashion brands newest items, new tasty recipes I can try, cute quotes, fitness tips…the list goes on and on. Ultimately though, when I’m on Pinterest, I have the idea of buying new products, services, ingredients, etc. constantly on my mind.

Now take Facebook. As Facebook’s powers-that-be notice the meteoric rise of Pinterest, it got them thinking-and maybe shaking in their boots a bit. Facebook has changed the way we look at photos in just the past year, taking images from thumbnails to photo galleries with a black background when looking at albums. The photos pop and images seem stronger, even if you’re just looking at that kid you used to remember from high school’s pictures. Regardless of who or what you’re looking at, the photos have more power on Facebook than ever before.

Now on to my marketing point. As a social marketer, I strive to keep my clients’ Facebook pages on the cutting edge and always changing. I spend several hours a week researching-reading articles/books, comparing case studies, examining my favorite brands pages-all to bring the most engagement to their pages.

Social media should never be about the most likes, followers or what have you. It’s about building brand loyalty and ultimately brand advocates who can be blessings from God for marketers who make our jobs easier.

With photos on Facebook, once again, regardless of who or what you are, there’s almost a guaranteed spike in interest. With brands, that could ultimately turn into dollar signs.

Many of my clients are within the food industry. Customers comment on our latest specials, offers, and their favorite menu items day in and day out. We ask them questions, post quirky sayings or poems, tell them about upcoming events, etc. But what causes the most engagement? You guessed it – photos.

Guests of the restaurants naturally seem to find themselves more hungry just by seeing the images of the food they love. This will many times result in comments on the photo a few hours after it has been posted (when posted before lunch or before dinner) with thank you’s for a great meal. All because of one little photo.

Not all of my clients are within the food industry but this information has become a key takeaway. It essentially can be applied to any consumer product or service. Just remember this math: photos + ¬†engagement = brand loyalty. Now that’s the kind of math you can literally take to the bank.

If you photograph it, they will come.

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